Engineering is the most preferred course after 12th for students who opt for physics, chemistry & maths as subjects in 12th. There are many engineering colleges in the country like IITs , NITs & private colleges

2. Medical
Students who have Biology along with Physics & chemistry in 12th prefer to opt for studying to be a doctor. Various Institutes like AIIMS & some private colleges provide with medical courses.

3. Law
If you want to be a lawyer then this is the course for you. There are many institutes or colleges in the country that provide you with the course to study law.

4. Architecture
B.Arch or Bachelor of Architecture is the course you have to study in to be a professional in the field of architecture. Real estate market requires these kinds of professionals. There are many institutes & colleges that provide this degree that you can pursue after class 12th.

5. Chartered Accountant
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts a foundation course to be a chartered accountant in India. You have to pass the tests done under this institution to complete being a C.A.

7. Journalism
Mass Communication & Journalism Courses are the ones to opt for if you want to become a journalist. There are many institutes in the country that provide these courses.

8. Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing is a professional course but you have to have a lot of interest in the topic & your skills should be up to the mark to become a fashion designer. Institutes like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and National Institute of Design offers fashion designing courses

Management course are now fast becoming popular. MBA or Master of Business Administration is known as the course of the 21st century, since business is what runs the economy ad is gaining more importance with each passing day. So if you have the wits and the desire to make it big in the field of business, this might just be the course for you.